Singapore has been into more than three months of the circuit breaker. We now have to come to terms with one tricky part of living in a community quarantine: restocking of food for everyday meals. With anti-hoarding policies in place in some cities, trips to the supermarket today could take hours, easily becoming a half-day errand for the single member in the household allowed to get it done.

In light of this, Sgwetmarket home delivery is making things to level up by providing you with the freshest and premium quality of meats to be stocked in your home. They’re coming straight to you from the butchery. You can find many ways so you can restock at home but stay put with these delivery services bringing essentials straight to your doorstep.

As a healthy wet market products delivery service, we understand the very critical role we play in ensuring that healthy food and quality nutrition is made available even during this time.

Although there is still the COVID-19 hovering in the air, for the safety of our team, we will still be implementing a skeleton workforce to properly follow social & physical distancing guidelines. This would mean that we are still unable to work at full capacity and therefore will not be able to offer all options we have previously offered pre-COVID-19.

Rest assured, every day we will continue to assess our capacity and add the regular pre-COVID-19 features we offer accordingly.

During this time of uncertainty, we also want to take this opportunity to assure you that we remain true to our promise in providing you with the freshest vegetables, seasonal fruits, and premium quality meats. It is the real Nutrition which You Can Trust as there are no chemical additives or pesticides being used for our products. We provide fresh groceries direct from wet markets and get them delivered to you the next day.

SGWetMarket home delivery team has since maintained very strict food safety and sanitation standards in the process. We also ensure that product handler who does the packaging follow SOP's and food safety policies.

However, we understand that our pre-COVID-19 standard operating procedures are no longer enough. Therefore, to ensure the safety of our team members, our customers, and all stakeholders, we must follow our simple guide on how to operate effectively and safely amidst this COVID19 pandemic. SGWetmarket will still continue to operate for our customers under safe management measures.