Have you ever heard of someone who has undergone or is undergoing chemotherapy? If so, have you ever wondered what Chemo is and what does it do to a person's body?


Chemotherapy, also called "chemo," is a kind of cancer treatment that involves chemicals to destroy cancer cells.


It is directed towards cells that develop and divide rapidly, such as cancer cells. Unlike radiation and surgery, which target particular body parts, Chemo may affect the whole body. However, it can disrupt certain rapidly developing healthy cells, such as those found in the skin, hair, intestines, and bone marrow. This is what contributes to a number of the treatment's adverse effects.


Undergoing this treatment requires a considerable amount of money. Still, nothing can compare beating the disease and staying healthy by eating the best foods that can bring back the nutrients in a person's body who experienced this treatment.


It is suggested that patients consume just a small amount of food during their chemotherapy sessions. Consuming modest meals gradually and every several hours seemed the most effective. Resist skipping meals and consuming fatty, oily, or spicy foods these days. Here are some of the foods that one can eat after Chemo:


  • Consume small meals and snacks often throughout the day. Aim for 5-6 smaller meals rather than three large meals.
  • Consume low-fat, bland meals.
  • Consider colder meals — they produce less smell and are particularly beneficial if the patient is queasy. Hot meals may have a more pungent odor, creating a dislike to certain foods.
  • Consume water frequently—this will help avoid dehydration and flush out some of the chemotherapy's metabolites. While water is the optimal source of fluids, alternative options include Apple and grape juice, fruit nectars, low-salt broth, clear soups, Gatorade, popsicles, sherbert, Gelatin, and herbal teas.
  • Don't forget to take anti-nausea medicine precisely as the medical team has recommended.


It is essential to recognize that eating healthily while undergoing or having completed chemotherapy may assist the patient in the following ways:


  • Preserving their body's nutritional storage
  • Sustaining their energy and strength
  • Reducing their risk of infection
  • Mending and recuperating more rapidly
  • Tolerating treatment-related adverse effects more effectively


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