6 MUST buy Fresh Seafood from Wet market during Chinese New Year


Singapore is a country that showcases different cultures from different countries, i.e., Malay, Indian, and Chinese. Singapore is even called the "Congregation of many cultures live together in one hospitable place." because of the diversity of nationalities residing in this nation. As this country is open to all, it has adapted some of the celebrations of other nations, such as the Chinese New Year.


Chinese New Year is a 15-day festival celebrated yearly in China and by Chinese people worldwide. On Western calendars, it begins with the new moon between January 21 and February

  • The festivities continue till the full moon. The holiday is sometimes referred to as the Lunar New Year due to its dates being congruent with lunar Chinese New Year festivities have included seven straight days off work since the mid-1990s. This holiday is observed differently in each nation, and no country celebrates it quite like Singapore.


Singaporeans, during this time, are busy preparing and selecting the meals they would eat that evening for Chinese New Year. Food is abundant during this occasion, regardless of the wealth or poverty of the family. The Chinese think that having an abundance of food during tuanyuan would bring good family fortune in the new year.


Moreover, Singaporeans love seafood so much that each individual eats an average of 22 kilograms per year, which is much more than the worldwide average of roughly 20 kilograms. In addition, Singapore bought 134,000 tonnes of seafood worth $760 million in 2020, mostly from regional nations such as Indonesia and Malaysia.


The availability of seafood in Singapore is usually seen in the Wet markets. Usually, seafood is freshly caught and can be bought reasonably if one knows how to bargain. Singaporeans would prefer more fresh or chilled seafood compared to being frozen. They love their fish and seafood products even more; they are one of Singapore's most popular cuisine items.


With the data given and the celebration of the Chinese New Year in Singapore, it will not be shocking to see seafood on the dining table of every Singaporean family. Let us find out what MUST buy seafood from the Wet market to complete the feast of Singaporeans during the Chinese New Year.


  1. Sea Cucumber


Sea cucumbers are also known as sea ginseng; its Cantonese name, hoi sum, translates as "joyful heart." Among the several types available on the market, the thorny sea cucumber and variants obtained from Japan's seas are the most expensive.


  1. Pomfret

Yue is a pun on the words surplus and plenty. The Chinese pomfret (dou chang) and the white pomfret (bai chang) are traditional favorites, prized for their fine meat and delicate sweetness. Always pick fish with clear eyes, vivid red gills, and glossy, firm bodies when shopping for this in marketplaces.


  1. Prawns


Prawns are a sign of happiness; they also symbolise the mythological dragon at Chinese festive feasts. Sea prawns are favored over tiger prawns due to their luscious texture. When purchasing prawns, look for ones with firm heads and a bright, glossy shell devoid of red or orange tint.


  1. Scallop


Scallops symbolize much luck and prosperity. When buying, choose those with brilliant, golden color, crisp, precise edges, and an undeniably pleasant briny fragrance. China's round-edged ones are often less aromatic and less expensive.


  1. Rabbitfish


Eating rabbitfish while its stomach is full of roe or milt is a sign of wealth. In addition, eating rabbitfish ensures good luck for the future year.


  1. Red grouper


During the Chinese New Year, these shellfish are often purchased because their hue brings happiness and prosperity to the family.


These are just some seafood that can be bought in the Wet market during Chinese New Year. Seafood is a big part of the culture of the Singaporeans and Chinese that they put symbolism in every food being served. Regardless of it, the celebration of Chinese New Year brings people together and brings out food culture. 

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