The importance of wet markets as part and parcel of the Singaporean way of life is captured in one of National Heritage Board’s E-Books Collection entitled COMMUNITY SERIES II: WET MARKETS. The distinctive smells, sights and sounds of wet markets provide a unique sensory experience and “serve as a microcosm of Singapore’s multi-cultural society”. Every housing estate has its own wet markets that offer a wide range of fresh vegetables, meats and fruits at generally lower prices compared to the supermarkets.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing stay-home advisory in April, has seen a steady growth in demand for its home delivery service which provides customers with a hassle-free alternative to get their daily fresh produce at affordable prices delivered to their doorstep.

A recent survey of our customers show that many of them have families with elders whose daily routine usually includes a trip to the nearby wet market in the neighbourhood. “Thanks to sgwetmarket, I have managed to convince my 80-year old mum that she can get her fresh kitchen essentials delivered to our home, so there’s no need for her to go to the pasar every day. This is especially important in the current Covid-19 situation,” says Ms Ratna, an educator.

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