Singapore is a developed society and what led the country to these admirable heights of success is the effort of everyone to push forward and expect nothing less than excellent. People from all around the world admire Singapore and what it has become, a well-developed country. This is being said, the potential of the country is being tapped from all sectors and one of these sectors is the food sector.

Singapore is well-known for its variety in the food industry. Coming from across the globe to this melting pot is the different cultures, unique ingredients, affordable prices and authentic styles of cooking; with that come the vast array of cuisine that enter the palate of those who dare, or simply try.

As the best chefs always remind us that to serve the best dish, you must have the best ingredients. You can't make a good dish with bad ingredients. And freshness is one of the critical factors defining an ingredient; the best place to get fresh and quality ingredients is the Singaporean wet market.

Located in key and accessible locations, the Singaporean wet markets boast of its freshest, juiciest and exclusive ingredients. No one wet market will be entirely like another. However; amidst this seemingly amazing place, difficulties and challenges present themselves in many forms.

Its biggest competition comes in this humongous, modern, and convenient form: the supermarkets and hypermarkets. Being amazing feats themselves, these supermarkets and hypermarkets have systematized the lives of its people. Despite that, wet markets strive through connections, patronization and being this organic place where people interact and create these bonds.

Being this convenient place that allow people to buy anytime, these supermarkets and hypermarkets are being chosen by people because of its availability and some other reasons. Despite its shorter operating hours, the Singaporean wet market is a sensational place that will require you to be observant and agile. The place will also require you to learn the tools of the trade when it comes to quality assessment and negotiation. It's one thing to say that this piece of carrot is the best carrot and an entirely different thing to actually see, feel, and know that it truly is the best carrot. Just like the stall owners who have mastered their art of preparing, marketing, and selling; they share these insights to people who come in, observe and learn.

It's saddening to hear that some stall owner close shop because of these challenges, but being known for its resilience, Singaporean wet markets through time will really evolve to meet the needs of the people and grow communities. These places that are memory lanes to some are unknown arenas to others, until they give it a try and see that in the wet market are people just like them.