Chinatown Wet Market - Shop Online For Fresh Groceries

Chinatown Wet Market is one of the most exotic wet markets in Singapore. It is situated at the iconic Chinatown Complex, 335 Smith Street, Singapore 050335 with opening hours from 8AM to 12NN daily, with its Chinese heritage and cultural elements within the premises.

Chinatown Wet Market has a lively surrounding with the ethnic neighborhood and Chinese culture. This place sells typical Chinese cooking ingredients like Chinese vegetables, herbs, and spices. You can also observe how they are doing their business.

If you need a place to find expensive stuff like crabs and lobsters or more affordable ones like cockles, clams, and prawns, you can get them at Chinatown Wet Market. There is an impressive array of big, live crabs and lobsters in plastic crates. This wet market is a place for exotic meats like live frogs, eels, even turtles are meat ingredients.

There are some special recipes of the locals and if you want to taste any exotic recipes, they have the popular frog porridge at these places. Prices are cheaper in comparison with supermarkets in this Chinatown Wet Market. Senior Chinese residents buy their favorite food ingredients and a beautiful array of fresh vegetables, fruit, and spices.

While more Singaporeans usually do their grocery shopping at modern supermarkets, those who value freshness come here to buy their vegetables in this Chinatown wet market. In addition to the usual cabbages, carrots, and cucumbers, you’ll find various vegetables used in Chinese cooking like bitter gourd, lotus root, and kai-lan (delicious when stir-fried with garlic). Most of the product has been imported from Malaysia, although the farms in the Kranji countryside have grown locally some of the leafy greens.

Chinatown Complex Food Centre offers tasty and popular dishes such as chicken rice, popiah, bee hoon, and fishball noodles located in the same wet market. It is Singapore’s largest hawker center, with somewhere between 600 and 800 shops, you can find many local foods here to satisfy you.

Prices here are extremely reasonable, just like with any hawker stall in Singapore, you can enjoy S$3 for a meal or spend S$4 if you’re hungry. Despite this being located right in the heart of Singapore’s tourist centre, there are a few foreigners.

Not all of the wet market is a nightmare for animal lovers and vegetarians because one can find some stalls selling home-made tofu and mock meat. This is a place where they sell ingredients to make your own YONG Tau FOO, which is a popular and healthy hawker dish. You can hear different languages like Hokkien and Mandarin along with the multiple languages of the tourists from different places who want to see the rich heritage of Chinese culture in Chinatown.

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