With our long years of experience selling vegetables in various wet markets, we have developed deep and longstanding relationships with independent suppliers and farmers in Malaysia, Indonesia and other neighbouring countries.With products as personal as food, working with trust and integrity is incredibly important to us to stay long in this industry.Our fresh vegetables are from trusted partners because we strive to earn your trust to buy from us your market produce every day.We also buy direct from farms and suppliers whenever possible, so you can be sure that your order is farm to table.

 We are committed to offering our customers the freshest and healthiest vegetables from trusted farmers. Our aim is to serve healthy delicious meals at good value for money.Our commitment is to discover, introduce and offer market produce that meet our excellent standards.Our deep desire is to share our products and knowledge with you because our valued customers are the soul of our business. Our main goal will always be to have you as our customers for life. Each product in Sgwetmarket has been carefully selected on quality and taste. We are partners in this endeavour so what you choose every day will determine what we must provide to you over time.

Quality should never be a question so you can experience fresh food at its finest. Food comes to us straight from the source and is delivered to your door at peak freshness in just a few days. Great food comes from people who know the business very well.We do our job by finding food partners and treat them as friends. We dig into the details with our partners to serve the customers with the best vegetables that grow in the excellent locations. They are collaborators who share our values, our passion and our vision to deliver quality fresh vegetables for everyone.

Aside from those important things mentioned earlier, better packaging of the market produce is also considered.We picked and packaged the fresh vegetables so that when products arrive from the farm to the wet market, we can check it and re-check it again for quality control, pack it faster, and get it to you in one piece, protected by unique packaging designed to keep the fresh vegetables safe.

We make it easy for you to know exactly what you are getting. We have a history of your shopping lists for quick reorder and reserve your favorite delivery time to suit your schedule. We do extra mile to make your shopping online of our fresh vegetables quick and easy.