Geylang Serai Wet Market


The Geylang Serai wet market is located in 1 Geylang Serai, Singapore 402001 with opening hours daily from 06:30 – 12.00 while the food centre is from 8:00AM till 10PM daily. It is one of the biggest and busiest wet markets for the local Malay community in Singapore since 1964. You can find various good selection of Malay and Indian-Muslim specialties in this wet market.

This wet market market plays the focal role of a hub celebrating Malay culture in its way as it is located in the center of the Malay community in a traditional Malay kampong house. The traditional wet market can be found on the ground floor. There are also goldsmiths, bakeries and provisions shops stocking the usual range of groceries. You can also see some rather exotic tonics and supplements like Tongkat Ali Ginseng Coffee. Together with Malay spices and foods offered there, different ingredients for cooking Malay culture-rich dishes, this is the place to check if you want to prepare traditional dishes. They also supply all sorts of Malay spices and a variety of Middle Eastern ones as well like cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and many more.

The second floor of Geylang Serai Market is the best food court to enjoy authentic Malay dishes such as asam pedas stingray (spicy stingray), beef rendang (spicy beef), ikan terubok (fried fish) and goreng pisang (banana fritters) to name a few. It also offers a very wide variety of food and beverages – nasi rawon, dam briyani, kambing soup, mee soto, bandung and even Hainanese coffee –

The mention of Geylang Serai, regardless of race language or religion, would know that it is the Malay emporium of Singapore. Geylang Serai is the place to see a wide variety of value-for-money delicious Malay food. One can find good authentic Malay snacks in Pasar Geylang Serai or Geylang Serai Market.

Fish prices are also lowest here. You can also bargain for better prices for their products. There is no pork at this market and everything is halal-certified. This old traditional market is still maintained since it was reopened in 2010. This wet market is always lively because middle-aged shoppers come here to do their daily errands and young people come for good foods at weekends.

Mr Teh Tarik can be found on the ground level of Geylang Serai Market. It is a 24-hour food court wherein one stall is a branch of the famous Haig Road Putu Piring. Their putu piring is mouth-watering and delicious. A packet of this putu piring of 5 pieces sells for $2. Just to get a taste of this Haig Road Putu Piring alone is a good enough reason to make a trip to Geylang Serai.

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