Introduction to Singapore Wet Markets

The Singapore wet market is the hotpot of different cultures from surrounding countries bringing in fresh, unique, and quality products beyond your imagination within your reach. It is called such because of its renowned style of maintenance: to clean with water. To some, this is a place of rather routinely endeavor, to some this is a burdensome task, and to others a wonderful experience.

This mini-grocery is not your ordinary arena of familiar specimens of ingredients. It can serve the whole palate of different tastes. Amidst the complexity it throws right at you, it can and will be simple once you understand the place is pretty much divided into sections that correspond to your needs. An example of this is the wet section having all of the seafood and meats; the dry sections having fruits, dried nuts, spices, and almost everything else. Don’t be afraid to ask. People are often friendly in the wet market, just make sure you put a smile on while you ask.

It’s a place of culture, a place of business, and a place of experience; mind you, this is a very sensational place. First off, it is the gateway to the past where the current culture has evolved from; be it fresh ingredients that can be made into old-time favorites or magnificent experiments to entice your palate. Second, trade is always present wherever you look: buying of dried products, selling of frozen food, weighing of pork, grinding of beef, and a whole array of products and services for money.

Lastly, admiring to your different senses ranging from what you can see: wet floor, colorful fruits, and fresh vegetables; what you can feel: well-illuminated grocery, crunchy noodles, and shock of the hearing the butcher chop a piece of meat; what you can touch: the lively seafood, the tenderness of pork, the roughness of the duck’s skin, what you can smell: herbs, spices, and crabs, and what you can hear: bargaining between buyer and fishmonger, the splashing of water being used to clean the floor, and steps from people around.

This Singapore wet market truly is an amazing place to be in, you just have to be open and observant; you will see wonders of the past, the present, and the dinner you are about to eat later.