No Chicken or Seafood after Surgery. Myth or Fact?


In Asian countries, many believe that when a person undergoes surgery, they should not eat chicken or seafood. But where does this originates, and why do people say so? Is it true? Or is it just a mere myth?


An enormous amount of research has been done on cuisine and Chinese culture. Regardless of the season, the time of year, or the ailment you're dealing with, there are meals to suit your needs. You can eat hot and cold items at the same time. There is a never-ending list of foods that should never be consumed for religious or cultural reasons at any given time of year.


And for post-surgical operations, the Chinese believed that Chicken or Seafood would affect the wound recovery of the patient. However, there is little to no evidence that can support this claim.


We need additional nutrients to improve our immune systems to avoid infections after surgery. Wounded tissues benefit from the protein found in chicken, eggs, and seafood.


But if your belief in this kind of thing is firm, do not worry as you have food options to choose from like:


  • Fish
  • Pork
  • Mutton
  • Egg white
  • Tofu
  • Beans
  • Legumes


Whether you believe it or not in this kind of thing, what's more important is to be healthy and recover faster. Eat a well-balanced diet that includes a broad range of foods to heal properly.


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