Have you ever visited Singapore? In that case, you've had some regional cuisine there. Or, if you are a native of the region, this cuisine we are discussing is commonplace in every family. 

Spicy and fragrant, fish head curry is a cuisine that can only be found in Singapore. The fish head is combined with the spices that are used in a traditional South Indian fish curry to create a meal that is considered a delicacy in China. 

Curry made with fish heads may be seen on the menus of both Indian and Chinese restaurants. Rice may sometimes be served on fresh banana leaves and placed in front of customers at certain Indian restaurants before serving the meal. After that, the curry sauce is poured on top of the rice. In most restaurants, the main meal is accompanied by papadam, which is similar to crackers in appearance. The main dish is often consumed with a selection of different side dishes.

In most cases, the meat that is located around the cheeks is the first section of the fish head that is eaten. After that, further mushy pieces are removed, which reveals the skull. The scooping of the eyeballs is this culinary rite of passage's last and most enjoyable component. Meat, cheeks, eyes, and lips are the typical parts of a whole fish that humans ingest.

If you're now reading this post, you could be drooling, and if so, we have something for you. We will reveal all of our trade secrets to you so that you may master this cuisine in your home. What are you waiting for, then? Come on, let's get started.

When you are preparing and cooking this dinner, be sure to keep in mind the following reminders:

Taking Away the Scales and the Blood Clot

Check to see that there are none of the scales remaining. While rinsing the fish, you may use your hands to feel around the whole surface of the fish's skin to ensure that all the scales have been removed. In addition, you must clean the insides thoroughly by removing any blood clots or blackish particles you find. The flavor of the curry paste will become more astringent as a result.

The Curry Powder

It is essential to use a fresh fish curry powder blend. The flavor will be influenced by the curry powder's quality and content. Watch for a fish curry powder blend created in Malaysia or Singapore. If you are in any of these nations, the wet market is where you should get fresh curry powder combination.

Types of fish

As was previously stated, red sea bream is often used to prepare fish head curry. This flavorful curry may also be made with white-fleshed fish such as sea bass, gilt-head bream, or tilapia. Fish heads are difficult to come by in most of the nations of the Western world.

Cooking with a whole fish chopped up into three sections is relatively easy. If there is a continued reluctance to cook the fish head, fillets or cutlets might be substituted in their place. Using fresh fish and avoiding overcooking it is paramount to prevent the flesh from turning rubbery.

Fish head curry should be thick.

The curry made with fish heads should have a thick consistency. There is no getting around the fact that. Two primary stages need to be taken to receive it. Both of these processes must be completed.

The first option is to work with rice. It may seem strange to use rice as one of the ingredients in curry, but the starch extracted from the rice helps to thicken the sauce.

In the second step of the process, the curry must be reduced over low heat until it achieves the proper consistency. Because of their ability to rapidly absorb the curry's sauce, vegetables like okra and aubergines are ideal for use in curry dishes.


Traditionally, this fish head curry from Singapore is eaten with steamed rice or roti, which are foods that can sop up all of the layers of flavor that come with this authentic fish head curry.

Time allotment

This traditional Singaporean meal may be prepared from start to finish in around 40 minutes, with the fish head requiring about 30 minutes to cook over medium-high heat while the rest of the dish is simmering.

Now that you know the secrets to perfecting this Fish Head Curry, here’s a recipe you can try on from kuali.com - Fish Head Curry - Kuali

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