Even though the wet market smells unpleasant and it's always wet all the time, older Singaporeans and people who are familiar with the place still flock the place to go about their daily morning routine. As much as Singaporeans and people from different cultural backgrounds respect food and eat hearty meals, the wet market will always be there to be the place of choice for picking ingredients. With its long list of fruits, vegetables and meat, the wet market will always deliver better quality products.

The wet market is an integral part of our society. Stall owners adjust accordingly to the season with their colourful decorations, well-organized heaps of products, and quality service. Fruits such as durians present themselves during its season, and it sure does fill the place with its pungent odour. Prawns, mushrooms and garlic are always in every market sure to give you the wide range of cuisine anyone would be able to prepare.

It is well known in the supermarkets food stalls and restaurants are present. People would rather have other people cook for them and they would relax and enjoy the ambiance with their friends or mobile phone. They would rather work for an hour to eat the meal they enjoy than work for more hours preparing food, but if you look at it in-depth you can save more. A simple calculation would go like this: if you eat on the average of $12 per meal with includes a rice, choice meat, soup, vegetables, drinks, dessert; and you eat three times a day, that would equal $36 per day. Multiply $36 by 7 days and you get a total of $252 per week, that would amount to $1008 per month.

Maybe the real challenge here for most is having to deal with all the processes included in cooking like cutting, rinsing, washing the dishes is tiring. If you are alone, eating out maybe better for you; if you are in a community, planning and preparing meals is a big saver for all. A very hearty meal can be prepared for the same price but more servings to share. And for a very long-time food has been the common ground for the family to bond. It's by working in teams that we can get the most out from everything.

Shopping in the process gives you better bargains from store owners you patronize. So, it really gets easy after a while because you wouldn't have to scour the whole place just to find something, you would have the chance to request for a product which is special and get it from your patronized stall holder, with you promising them that you'd buy. We all have needs and the wet market has ever since been the place that fulfilled those needs through time.