“It was darling of a fish.”


People in all parts of the world love to eat. They may eat meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits, and fish. Sometimes, because of the similarities of the taste and look of the cuisines, individuals are confused about what type of food they are eating, especially when it comes to fish.


Fish are aquatic vertebrate creatures having gills but no digits on their limbs, such as fingers or toes. The majority of fish have a streamlined body shape. In addition, they live in areas with bodies of water that is why Singapore is rich in these creatures.


There are many different types and kinds of fish existing, and one of them is the Snow Cod Fish.


Snow cod is a very popular fish in Singapore; however, the name "cod" was not initially given. The name was changed from Patagonian toothfish to Chilean Seabass. Nevertheless, it is named Snow Cod in other regions of the globe. While there are different varieties of fish, the Pacific Cod is particularly appreciated for its mild, savory taste and chunky flesh texture.


            Initially, Canada, the USA, Scotland, the Faroe Islands, and the UK were all home to Atlantic Cod. Takeuchi estimates annual Atlantic Cod catches at 1 million tonnes. The characteristic of this fish has more bite and is less oily as its fat content contains only 2 to 3 percent.


Here are some reasons why Singaporeans love to cook Snow Cod Fish.


  1. Snow cod has its delicate meat.


We know that freezing and thawing fish may cause cell damage. Unlike other frozen fish, this one thaws out and tastes better. Chilean Sea Bass has a high oil content since it dwells in the chilly Southern Ocean, protecting the flesh texture.


  1. Rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids


Fish include EPA and DHA, which are the major components. Their benefits include brain growth, lowering triglycerides, and more. Cod Fish may contain this nutrient.


  1. Easy to cook.


Snow cod is a simple meal. Usually, it is cooked in Pan-fried with any sauce. Overcooked meat tastes just as tasty! A nutritious meal may be made by baking or grilling.

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