The Singaporean wet market is well known for its variety of different produce and particularly fish. And as a buyer you have to know these crucial tips when choosing a good piece of fish and other seafood. Surely it is one of the toughest job in any Singaporean wet market if you are not ready to go and do a little touching yourself. In this guide are the four basic things you need to know about choosing a good piece of fish.

Fish, being a popular option for people who are conscious about their well-being, packs a good amount of nutrition increasing the nutritional density of your plate.

Your best bet in knowing if your fish is fresh is by checking the gills. If the fish is fresh, the gills will be vibrant red. It means that the blood is still oxygenated. Any discoloration close to brown, gray, or dullness mean otherwise. Some fishmongers remove the gills, and this is not your best option for a freshness criterion.

Next, we have the eyes that we can check. It should be raised relative to the head, and it should be clear or transparent. Any cloudiness or if it is flat means that the fish has been out in the open for a while. Another feature that we should check is the skin. It should be moist and shiny with its natural shimmer. Any signs of dryness should be avoided so that it will assure its freshness.

If you are happy with what you bought then so are we, because we were able to teach you a thing or two; however, if the circumstances would not allow you to cook them up fast. You can refrigerate your fish and it should last you for a good 2 to 90 days.

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