It is a fact that eating more fresh vegetables has many health benefits. You are really missing if you are skimping on veggies.

1. Anti-aging:

Many vegetables are known for helping you with the anti-aging process like firming your skin and combatting wrinkles. Those who are eating additional daily portions of vegetables are better looking than those with lower intakes. These vegetables give you a "healthy” glow due to their higher water and phytochemical content.

2. Weight Management:

Eating more vegetables also contribute to your proper weight management. Increasing your fiber intake and not simply cutting on your carbohydrates will help you achieve results in managing your weight than any other complicated diets that you do. Fiber has the appetite suppressant qualities that will make you feel full and more satiated which usually prevents unhealthy snacks from junk foods. It also helps to protect you from the heart and cardiovascular diseases. It improves metabolic markers like blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar.

3. Regular bowel movement:

Since vegetable is made up of fiber and water, it promotes easier and regular bowel movement. Sometimes, it can very uncomfortable, sometimes can even cause bloating or painful cramps.

4. Athletic performance and sports enthusiasts endurance:

Some vegetables are shown to boost endurance and speed up recoveries like the beetroot juice, tomato juice, and watercress. Nutrition is vital for athletic performance of sports enthusiasts.

5. Improves energy, mood, and psychological well-being:

Higher vegetable intake can also help you feel calmer and improves your mental well-being.6 It actually boosts energy levels, especially if you cut out net carbs and processed foods at the same time. Eating vegetables was also related to increasing curiosity and creativity which are traits associated with happiness.7

6. Reduces risk for chronic disease:

Vegetables reduce your risk for many chronic diseases. Due to the fiber content of veggies, it lessens those sicknesses including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers. It is shown to lessen the risk of inflammatory diseases also.

7. Boosts the functions of a healthy immune system :

There is a gene called T-bet, which is essential for producing critical immune cells in your gut. It is activated by leafy green vegetables. Eating more vegetables can maintain a balance between tolerance, immunity, and inflammation in your body.